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The Yonatan Trail Encircling Michmanim

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מפת המסלול

The Yonatan Trail Encircling Michmanim

Duration: 3 hours
Recommended season: All year
Features: Observation point, Nature, Memorial site,
Length: 5

How to get there

The Route

The Yonatan trail was paved, marked and is taken care of by members of the Michmanim community, Kibbutz Merchavya members and Yonatan's family and friends.


Yonatan was born on June 3rd 1985 in the Haemek Hospital in Emek Yizrael. Yonatan was the first son Mir and Yossi had after Sharon and Eden. As a child he stood out in Kibbutz Merchavya in his charming personality and mischievousness. Yonatan was a natural leader and was a leader amongst his friends.

He studied at the Ofakim school on his Kibbutz and he continued to the Tavor Amakim High School on Kibbutz Mizra. Yonatan was a good student, most of his effort was dedicated to his social life, his big love was music and from a young age he started to learn to play the classic guitar. He later continued to learn to play the electric guitar and drums. Yonatan started and was part of bands, he performed at the Kibbutz on holidays and at school parties.

Yonatan was an outstanding athlete. He played soccer on the Hapoel Migdal Haemek team and participated in regional long distance running championships.


Yonatan was always generous to those around him, he was pleasant and modest and was always surrounded by friends and wise a quiet leader. His friends said they knew he had great potential.

Yonatan was a warm and loving person and knew how to divide his time between family and friends.

In November 2003 he was drafted and joined the Maglan unit. In the course of his training period and following it, Yonatan took part in many operations.

On the 58th Independence Day Yonatan received an award for excellence from his unit for his contribution to the unit and personal and professional excellence and leading his team on many operations.

In July 2006 the 2nd Lebanon War broke out and the Maglan unit was called up to the north to help defend the citizens in the north.

A team from his unit including Yonatan crossed the border into Lebanon to locate Hezbollah fighters in order to silence sources firing on Zfat and Avivim.

On the morning of July 17th 2006m a team of Maglan soldiers was ambushed by a group of Hezbollah soldiers who were well entrenched and had a tactical advantage. In a face to face battle, while the team launched an attack, Yonatan took a bullet to his head and was hit. First Sergeant Yotam Gilboa, the unit paramedic, came to his aid and tried to save Yonatan's life. In this heroic attempt, Yotam was hit and killed. After his death Yotam was given a medal of honor for his actions.

The unit commander wrote in his eulogy of Yonatan: 'Yonatan was a wonderful young man with natural skills and hands of gold… he was a central part of the unit's atmosphere and its operational designation. A soldier who played the guitar, sweeping those around him quietly without words and noise, with a quiet and captivating leadership'.

Yonatan was given a medal of honor for: 'for persistence in his mission and striving for victory, responsibility and setting a personal example… In this battle first Sergeant Yonatan Hadasi demonstrated spirit, initiative and extraordinary courage, heroism, resourcefulness and leadership while risking his life'.


Yonatan took the difficult path of warriors, who put the best interest of the state and the nation before their own.

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