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Artists in Mt.Gilon

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Artists in Mt.Gilon

Duration: Flexible
Recommended season: All year
Features: Attractions, Children's activities, Dairy farm-goat pen, Art workshops, Galleries, Recreation areas,
Length: 5

How to get there

The Route

The community villages of Zurit and Gilon are located near the Acco-Karmiel road, 10 minutes drive from Karmiel. They are located on the eastern top of Mt. Gilon in the Western Galilee and they overlook the beautiful Beit Hakerem valley, the Hilazon stream, the Haifa Bay and the Zvulun valley.

In these community villages there are a group of guest room owners and artists, including a hat maker, a greeting card designer, a jewelry maker, a confectioner, a bell builder, a chef, a painter, a cosmetician, a Pilates expert and a cheese maker.


We recommend beginning your tour of Zurit on Rimon St. at the Ora Studio, where Ora Waldislevski makes hats.

15 years ago Ora began to design hats, while she was a kindergarten teacher. She says she is the only person in Israel who designs them from beginning to end. She paints the base, woven manually in China and designs them on dummies, according to an old technique that was used by Jews in Eastern Europe. She creates a wide range of fancy hats, of different colors and styles, as well as hats similar to those seen in horse races in England. Ora exports her hats to the US and Canada. The store and studio are beneath her house. Opening hours: 8:30-17:00 and on Fridays with advanced coordination.

Tel: 052-8667834

Ms. Waldislevski also has two guest rooms with indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis.


Her neighbor down the road is Naama Manor, an artist working in the 'Igeret Sheomeret' studio. She designs different paper and wood products, including greeting cards saying thank you in many different ways. Until 2003 Ms. Manor was an art teacher. She produces the greeting cards and invitations according to customer's requests. Each card comes with hand sewn lining. There also are hand made gift tags for hanging on bottles, small cardboard boxes with items like honey, coins and spinning tops, soap boxes and floating candles. There are also designed photo albums, calendars, cork boards, magnets, decorated mirrors etc.

There are also classes for designing albums for women and girls and one-time three hour workshops for 6 people.

Groups also come to see a successful woman's entrepreneurship.

The studio is open all days of the week.

Visit the website

To coordinate a visit call: 04-9889080; 054-3243293

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