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Zalmon-Salame Stream

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Zalmon-Salame Stream

Duration: 1 hour
Recommended season: All year
Features: Agricultural tourism, Nature,
Length: 1.5

How to get there

The Route

In front of us we see Mt. Kamun and behind us, Mt. Hazon and in the middle the Zalmon stream bends all the way to the Kinneret.


In the river bed, there is a large gristmill, one of many along the stream. Above it we see an aqueduct. This aqueduct was built along the stream, at a moderate angle up to the gristmill, a few meters above the stream. The water was directed in an inner pipe straight down, creating a built, closed waterfall, directed straight at the wheel. The power of the water rotated the wheel and this rotated the upper millstone. This way, with the water flowing continuously, the entire length of the route the water flowed was used to build additional gristmills.

We continue on the blue trail [2], with the smell of wild mint accompanying us. The stream passes through beautiful natural spots and clean water ponds gurgling on the rocks. We recommend making a stop in one of the ponds to dip in the cool water [3], most of them are shaded and some are hidden. All around the ponds there is stream flora, like fig trees, rubus, long reeds, pointy willows, watercress, phragmites, etc.


The amount of water in the ponds depends on the season and the amount of rain that year. In dry years the springs have little water and the ponds are very shallow.


Zalmon is also mentioned in Jewish history in the Galilee, in Tosefta 7:9. Zalmon is mentioned as a place that was conquered by the Romans during the Great Revolt: "The Zalmon descends… that was dry during war…" Zalmon that was built in this area, because of its proximity to the springs, dried out and the water stopped flowing when it was needed the most, in the Roman siege.


After a 1.5 km hike, we arrive at a couple of large gristmills, the Alkardi mills. In the tunnel of the lower mill, we can still see the wheel that rotated it. The 5th and last gristmill on our route is the Almasharba mill [4], near the Beduoin Salame village. From here the water continues in the bed to the south, until they trickle into the ground, near the Zalmon remains, about one km south of Salame.


If we choose to, we can end our trip in a Bedouin tent in the Salame village, where we will be served tea and coffee (and a good meal, if we wish to order it) and hear the story of the Bedouins in the Galilee.

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