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Northern Segev Forest

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מפת המסלול

Northern Segev Forest

Duration: Duration of the Trail: 1-4 hours
Recommended season: Spring
Features: Forest, Archeology, Nature,
Length: 3

How to get there

The Route

From route 805 we take the road leading to the Yaad community village [1]. We park our cars in a beautiful pine tree forest, on the right hand side of the entrance [2]. 4X4 vehicles can continue on the dirt tracks described below. A convenient dirt road takes us to the west. The road bends along the community village border. 800 meters from the parking area on a slope south of the road [3] there are wine presses and other agricultural production facilities.

From here we will continue on a dirt road north of route 805 [4]. We take this road for 300 meters to the Rosh Zayit remains [5] (for more information, see the sites list).


From here we continue on an unmarked trail to the Beza remains [6] (for more information, see the sites list). From here we can reach the eastern side of the forest, through a branched-out group of dirt roads, east of the Yaad community village.

Here we will find a number of ancient burial caves [7].

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