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Ben's Path

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מפת המסלול

Ben's Path

Duration: Duration: One hour
Recommended season: All year
Length: 1

How to get there

The Route

Ben Sela was born in Koranit. He was killed in the 2nd Lebanon War at the age of 24.


The idea of building this place, Ben's Path, emerged from the emotional need the family and friends felt they had to commemorate and remember Ben the way he was- a person who loved nature, open spaces, freedom and also people. Following in his footsteps this little piece of nature, landscape and quiet was established, with the help of the family, friends, neighbors from Koranit and Shchenya, the youth, the schoolchildren and many others who contributed what they could.


This is a special place where Ben's spirit and legacy are present for visitors of this path that changes every minute, every season and every year.


Ben's path is a beuatiful large garden. At the entrance to the garden there is a large stone with Ben's image imprinted on it with a sentence from his journal on his trip to Mongolia where he wrote about his path in life, a path of fulfilling dreams and searching for happiness.


From this image of Ben, we begin the journey through Ben's Path.


We walk up a flight of stairs to the top of the hill and stand above a large and sophisticated sun clock.


The next stop is dedicated to ecology, which Ben cared for dearly.


The Shcenya School children built an ecological bench. On the outside it is plastered and comfortable to sit on, on the inside it is made out of tires filled with plastic bottles and other waste from the area.


We continue to a large stone complex. Between the many rocks scattered throughout the complex that look like a stormy sea that froze, we can see 9 rock islands. Each of these islands is dedicated to one of the soldiers killed by the missile fired in Dabel. Each one of them was a world in his own.


A large stone with the Paratroopers symbol lists the names of those who gave their lives and their stories.


Next to the sea of stone, high above it, there is a large compass rose.


At the top of it instead of the traditional rooster there is a noble horse galloping, commemorating Ben's love for horses. The arrows directed in different directions list the places Ben traveled to in the years from his discharge from the army and his death.

Each arrow has the distance from where we are, to the country mentioned.


We descend from the hill, leaving the sea of rocks and the compass rose behind us. We walk amongst the beautiful weeds and the large trees. The trees here are Israeli tree, such as Terebinth, Oak, Carob, Olive, Pomegranate and Fig.


At first sight the garden appears to be a sacred memorial site, not to be entered or touched but the truth is the opposite. The garden is filled with residents of all ages.


Between some of the trees, there are hammocks tied with thick ropes. There is a corner for cooking in a poyke, a bonfire and taboon corner and there is an area for washing utensils. The 'kitchen' is made of stone, the work of an artist. It was built by a neighbor from one of the Arab villages nearby. He came to Ben's Path, he saw Ben's face in the stone and he was touched. He felt he had to contribute something of his own to the garden.


On the outskirts of the garden there is a shrubby area. A narrow trail has been cleared between the shrubs. Behind a small bend, we reach a large tree. This tree entails a hidden area, a natural booth and in the shrubs there is a large stone with the shape of a heart.


We return to the trail that passes through the shrubs and pass through to a simple and magical amphitheatre from which we see a beautiful view of the Galilean hills.


Nearby is the fence surrounding the community village, we can walk out and stroll about. Continue beyond and further, continuing in Ben's Path.

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