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Partnership 2000 Trail

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Partnership 2000 Trail

Duration: 5-6 hours
Recommended season: All year
Length: 35

How to get there

See map.

The Route

P2G, the City of Karmiel and the Misgav Municipality have joined forces in developing, branding and marketing a bicycling and hiking path connecting the city of Karmiel with the Misgav communities.

The path starts out in Karmiel;  it encircles the city through its western and southern borders, descends to the Hilazon riverbank and bends to the west. It then crosses the Misgav-Karmiel road and follows through the ancient olive grove of the Shaab village, to the Segev forest and the Rosh Zayit ruins, through the Azmon yishuv and ends at the Misgav center campus.

The path is appropriate for a wide range of visitors. It can be traveled on bicycle. Parts of the path require advanced technical riding skills, but these parts can be traversed on foot, walking beside the bicycle. Other parts of the path are appropriate for the entire family, ages 6 to 80, for riding, walking and  aerobic or other exercise.

Part 1- 6 km- Encircling Karmiel
Starting point: The Baltimore-Pittsburgh  promenade, Bazir St. Givat Ram, Karmiel.
Ending point: Baruch Wagner Park, Hachochit St. Southern Neighborhood of Karmiel.

This part of the trail is appropriate for the whole family either on bicycle or on foot.
We start our trip at the Pittsburgh-Baltimore promenade in Givat Ram, the western neighborhood of Karmiel.
We will park our cars here in the parking lot on the northern side of Bazir St. The path continues parallel to the Karmiel-Misgav road from its western side, and it overlooks the city of Karmiel in the east. In the background, the Camun hills hover over us and the landscape is completed with the view of the Upper Galilee hills.

When we reach the Mota Gur bridge above the Karmiel-Misgav road, we cross the bridge to its eastern side, heading towards the Rabin neighborhood.

Immediately after crossing the bridge, there is a hiking trail that leads around the Rabin neighborhood from its southwestern sides. The path continues around the southern end houses of Karmiel and overlooks the Hilazon stream. The path is paved and is convenient for walking or bicycling. Along the path there are observation balconies and pergolas for resting in the shade. The first part of the path ends at the Baruch Wagner Park, after traversing the Makosh neighborhood, near Hachochit St.

Part 2- For bicyclers and hikers -7.5 km- Hilazon stream channel (part 1)
Starting point: Baruch Wagner Park, Hachochit St. Southern Neighborhood of Karmiel.
Ending point: Karmiel-Misgav road.
This part of the route requires basic knowledge of bicycling, intermediate control skills and average physical fitness.
We will leave our cars in one of the parking lots near the park, where we can also fill up water. The descent to the Hilazon river bed is through a steep paved service road heading north east, and ending in the stream channel. Turning left will lead you towards the Hilazon valley. This is a different route. If we turn right (to the west), we will be able to walk on a paved path along a buried pipe in the stream channel. The Hilazon stream bends sharply and on both sides of the stream there are extensions and cliffs creating the feeling of a natural 'canyon' with hidden surprises behind every bend.

The walk is very convenient on a wide dirt path. Bicyclers will enjoy every minute of the trail. The slope is very mild and is hardly felt at all. Crossing the channel on a bicycle requires a high level of technical riding skills and maximal control and balance, for beginners it is recommended to cross the stream walking alongside the bicycle.
In the winter, when the trail is muddy and there are puddles, it is recommended to stop occasionally and clean off the bicycle’s pedaling and propulsion mechanisms.
In the rainy season and after strong rains, the stream flows and at times it can be several meters wide. It is recommended not to hike or ride in the stream when it is flowing.

This part of the route ends when we reach the Karmiel-Misgav road. You will need to be extremely careful, as this is a very busy road. It can be crossed through an underground tunnel beneath the road. From here we can either choose to return to Karmiel, turn south towards Misgav, or continue to the west through the olive groves of the Shaab village.

Part 3- For bicyclers and hikers- 6.5 km- Shaab olive grove- Segev Forest- Rosh Zayit remains.
Starting point: Karmiel-Misgav road near the Shorashim yishuv.
Ending point: Rosh Zayit remains, Northern Segev Forest.
This part of the route requires basic bicycling skills, intermediate control of the bicycle and average physical fitness. The climb up to the Rosh Zayit remains requires a high level of physical fitness. For those for whom this is too difficult, it is also possible to walk up whilst wheeling the bicycle.
The route passes parallel to the Hilazon stream channel flowing westward. The trail crosses the ancient olive groves of the Shaab village. The groves are planted in the heart of the expanding stream as it flows to the west, creating 'biblical' olive plots of 80-200 year old trees. The ride is flat on the unpaved Matruka path. In the north the Zurit-Gilon hills rise up, on the south is the Shaab village and the yishuv of Yaad.

On the west side of the village, the path crosses the entrance to the village and rises steeply up through a developed pine forest, through wide forest paths. The open view of the Acco valley, Zevulun valley and the Carmel hills gradually appear before us.

Part 4- For bicyclers and hikers-11.5 km- South Segev forest- Segev forest view path-  Misgav center
Starting point: The JNF South Segev Forest camping spot, south of the Yavor-Misgav road.
Ending point: Misgav services center.
Appropriate for the whole family- bicyclers and hikers.
The route transverses the Yavor-Misgav road to the southern part of the Segev forest. This area is developed and full of wide shady forest paths that have been serving as a bicycling and recreational activities center for several years. For the past three years, there have been  Israeli championships in field bicycle riding in the forest.
In this area there are many paths with spectacular views. The WOW path has the most beautiful view, and the right path leads eastward towards the Misgav center. There are a large number of paths branching out from the main trail for different levels of bicycle riders, including the Single Trek paths for experienced riders.

The path ends at the Misgav service center, where there are sporting facilities, a swimming pool and the Australia Park for large events.

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