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Below is a geographical map or an aerial photography of the trip route. In the right hand column, you can mark the characteristics/attractions you are interested in and they will appear on the map. For information place the mouse arrow on the icon that appears and a box will open with all the businesses related to the characteristic chosen. Click on the site of your choice and you will receive details regarding the business, how to get there, opening hours, etc. Enjoy!
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Recommended season: אביבקיץסתוחורףכל השנה

How to get there

The Route

Turn hiking path Misgav compromised, marked and mapped by the Misgav Regional Council under the supervision and implementation committee for marking trails near the Nature Society. 
Path for pedestrians, passing a variety of scenic Galilee interconnecting communities Misgav Regional Council and passes scenic sites, observation and heritage representing all divisions and regional field trips MA Misgav. 
Hit the road ......... 
Misgav villages populated by diverse communities, each community and its characteristics, hike along the trail will bring together the visitor with a typical human mosaic, our neighbors also fit many colorful fabric, culinary and ethnic unusual. 
You can hike the trail in sections, start and end the tour at any one of Misgav villages or tour and travel throughout cumulative path length 125 km. Every season year, colors, smells and activity characteristics.
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