Tourism in the Galilee

The central Galilee area is a mosaic of sights and people, a varied region with so much to offer.

Not far from Haifa, Acco, Nazareth and Tiberias, you will find remarkable different communities living in harmony. Communities with different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds living side by side amongst the olive trees and the breathtaking views.

The beautiful open landscapes that we see from every mountain top, from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee, from the Hills of Nazareth to the Upper Galilee, reflect the special atmosphere of this relaxed, peaceful area.

Here you can experience challenges like hiking and bicycling, or enjoy life with alternative medicine or spa treatments and listen to unique music.

Dine at special restaurants with tastes from around the world and from local traditional cuisine. Learn about history at ancient prayer halls, holy tombs and archeological sites and learn more about yourself in local workshops and courses.

The Jewish Agency in collaboration with the City of Karmiel, the Misgav Regional Council and the Lev Galil Association have produced this website for
you to enjoy the peacefulness fresh mountain air and travel through the sites of the Galilee, from wherever you are.