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Park quarries

מפת המסלול

Window's view

"Window to the View" is a project which was brought up due to the special bonds between Carmiel, Misgav and Pittsburgh communities – the Partnership 2Gether. The project is sponsored by an aluminum company, "Klil", which is located in Carmiel..
The windows are located in six spots in the area. Each one of them offers the hiker information and update data in various areal subjects, such as: hiking paths, view sites, various tourism sites and interesting attractions in the area..
Partnership2Gether Carmiel-Misgav-Pittsburgh invites the hikers and the visitors in the area to enter the web site for tourism and journeys - "lev Hagalil" and find a magical and broad world of opportunities. It invites you to open a window… to the view!
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In the heart of Carmiel, lies one of the beautiful parks in the country - "Galilee Park", which provides pleasant experience of nature and breathtaking landscape.

This green spot in the city, spreads over a vast area of ??about 100 acres, and offers an abundance of nature (30,000 plants, including 3,000 trees which were planted on the spot), a pond with plants and waterfalls, shaded seating areas, an amphitheater and an observatory, "Four Winds", which is overlooking Carmiel.

In the past, the place was a marble strip mine and according to the urban planning in Carmiel, it was supposed to be a residential neighborhood, but Mayor Adi Eldar changed the plans.  Due to exposing the stones instead of covering them, amazing landscape was created in the park.

10 million NIS were invested in the park until now and more investments are planned.

The park is open to the public from 07:00 to 21:00 free of charge. No animals are allowed to be brought in and no campfires are allowed.  

Near the park, on a hilltop, there is an archaeological site from the Byzantine period.  Hirbet Zagag.  There is a large wine press site and a beautiful view of the city's neighborhoods. The hill remained in its natural habitat, without planting trees and plants.

A special rose park is located in the Galilee Park. It contains about 1000 species of roses from all over the world.

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