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מפת המסלול

Window's view

"Window to the View" is a project which was brought up due to the special bonds between Carmiel, Misgav and Pittsburgh communities – the Partnership 2Gether. The project is sponsored by an aluminum company, "Klil", which is located in Carmiel..
The windows are located in six spots in the area. Each one of them offers the hiker information and update data in various areal subjects, such as: hiking paths, view sites, various tourism sites and interesting attractions in the area..
Partnership2Gether Carmiel-Misgav-Pittsburgh invites the hikers and the visitors in the area to enter the web site for tourism and journeys - "lev Hagalil" and find a magical and broad world of opportunities. It invites you to open a window… to the view!
A community village, established in 1982 by a nucleus of Refael workers. The name Yuvalim refers to water and symbolizes prosperity. There are current...
The Eshchar community was established in 1986 by a nucleus of families originating from English speaking countries, in particular the US. Eshchar is a...
Ruin which covers about 12 acres just a few hundred meters northwest of Rosh Zayit, according to the findings of pottery rather than established place...
Beginning of the course of the stream is the slopes of Mount snail, the village of Deir Hanna Lotem, and ends near Acre near the village of Shaab. The...
The City of Karmiel Situated in the heart of the Beit Kerem Valley is in the urban center of the "Lev Hagalil" region of the Central Lower Galilee. Th...

Walking hoe shows the path Partnership 2000, the southwestern tip of Carmiel, buckthorn, hidden tributaries shortly after a ridge and dinner - Moving

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